We should have put this information on our Frequently Asked Questions page but somehow we missed it! Sorry about that! We’ll try to update that page at some point with this information but wanted to post it here since we get these questions everyday.

Normally a pallet of grass has 450 sq. ft. of sod on it. We can make larger pallets if we need to fit a certain amount of grass on a truck or some reason but typically each pallet will cover a 450 square foot area.

The individual blocks of grass are 16″ x 24″ in size. (We can do a larger, 2′ x 4′, block also but we don’t harvest that size every day so if you were needing that we need an order ahead of time.)

There should be at least 170 blocks of grass on each pallet but we typically try to put 175 to make sure there hasn’t been a mistake because we want to make sure we are giving the customer at least 450 sq. ft.

To figure out how many pallets you need to cover your area take the length times the width in feet and that will give you how many square feet you need to cover. Divide that number by 450 and you will know how many pallets you need to solid sod the area. It gets a bit more complicated when you don’t have a rectangular area so you just have to break the yard or space up into smaller rectangles as best you can; then total up the square footage in all the rectangles you made and approximate your area.

We can deliver as little as a pallet of grass within about a 100 mile area of our farm. The price of course depends on how many pallets and how far away from us and what type of grass you need. We usually need at least one day notice on delivery. Give us a call at 281-328-2812 for a quote.

You can pick up St. Augustine at our office at 15204 Bohemian Hall Rd., Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 5 PM, without calling ahead because we usually have fresh grass available. If it’s raining then it’s best to call ahead and make sure we are able to harvest. If you need something besides St. Augustine then please place an order ahead of time.

Hope this answers some of your questions. Thanks for reading and have a great day!