Just an update on the color of the grass.  It’s improving but still not where we would like it to be.  Monday night the temp was 46º and last night it was 51º which is not conducive to greening up.  The grass really needs temperatures consistently above 60º at night to continue to gain color and sustain growth.  But we’re getting there.

You can see in the bottom two pictures that even though that grass is pretty green, it’s still too thin to harvest.  We have a lot of that right now; grass not quite ready to harvest.  And if you walk out in the field there’s still a lot of brown from the winter kill we had so the grass isn’t even quite as green as it looks in these pictures.

2014 Eastgate 2014-03-25 002 2014 Eastgate 2014-03-25 008 2014 Eastgate 2014-03-25 010