Rained Again Overnight

We’ve had a lot of rain this week as you probably know. It’s good and bad of course. We hate to complain about the rain because it is really good for growing grass but we could probably use a break from it for a little bit!

Of course in a week or two we’ll be complaining that we need a rain ha! But we are rained out for the weekend and hopefully we will be able to harvest again early next week. Give us a call on Monday and check in to see if we’re cutting! Thank you for you patience and your business!

2015-04-17 After the Rain 01 2015-04-17 After the Rain 03

Anyone Ready for Spring?

We had another frost on the ground this morning but we have a clear sky and looks like it’s going to be a beautiful sunny day although a little chilly! The ground has dried up nicely after getting a little rain Monday so we are back to harvesting today.

Y’all take care! Here’s a picture from this morning overlooking one of the ponds and looking toward the Murff Turf office. Love seeing sunrises!

2015-02-18 Sunrise Reflections 01

Fog Over the Grass Farm

This is the time of year for fog in our area isn’t it!? Fog definitely makes it dangerous on the road but it’s also pretty; this picture makes it look darker than it actually was but I loved how the sun looked like a perfect circle shining through the fog.

We’ve been fertilizing already this year getting the grass ready for Spring growth and the mowers are starting to really get busy again as well. Everyone have a great day and be safe!

Sun Shining Through
Sun Shining Through