Little Video Shoot

This year we purchased a couple of FireFly ProSlab 155 harvesters that automagically (I know that’s not a word but I just like it!) stack the grass on pallets. We really like them so far and are doing an excellent job for us.

A couple of weeks ago FireFly and one of their partners, National Instruments, wanted to come out and video the harvesters working and take some photos. I believe National Instruments makes the electronics for the harvester and they are working together to make a short marketing video about their products. They gave us some of the video footage for us to see and play with and so we took some photos and put them together with their video to make a little video ourselves. Love the drone footage they gave us to use!! Amazing how things look from above! They used this DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone while they were here at our farm. Pretty sweet system.

So here’s our little video of the harvesters working.

Lawn Measuring Tool

There’s a tool from Sod Solutions that they’ve made available to the public for measuring your lawn that we wanted to link to and let you know about. Great little tool! You can look up your address and then use the website to measure your lawn or really whatever geographic area you want to measure.

We’ve been using it to measure our fields and it’s just kind of fun to play with. It’s a great little tool and we appreciate Sod Solutions for putting it together and letting anyone use it. The link below is to their blog where they explain how it works and then from their blog you can click on the link to the measuring tool. Once at the actual website of the area calculator tool you can bookmark it for later use. Enjoy!

Sod Solutions Blog – Area Calculating Tool

Or you can click here and go directly to the Area Calculating Tool.

Website Email Down – Updated: Back up and working!

Update 08-23-2013 2:00 PM: We believe the problem has been solved and the Contact Us page will now deliver your email to us.  Again we apologize for the problem!

Apparently we have not been receiving the email from the Contact Us page on our website. We apologize if you’ve tried to contact us through that page and then never heard from us.  We’re working on a solution right now but still haven’t figured out the problem so we’ve deactivated the Contact Us page for now.

Please call us at 281-328-2812 or 800-892-6704 if you have questions or need a quote.  If you tried to contact us through our website email over the last few months please accept our apology for not responding and if you still need help call us at one of the numbers listed above.

Thank you for your understanding!

A New Perspective on Turf @ TPI Summer Conference 2013

This is a link to a really cool video filmed at Payne Sod Farm in Manteno, Illinois, by our friends at Sod Solutions and Xaircraft America.

I was there (this is Scott Murff by the way) and got to see this being filmed and also took my own video.  So in case you can’t figure out how the first video was filmed, check out the one below to see how it was done.  Very fun technology and I think Murff Turf may need one of these in the near future!

You can find out more about Xaircraft MultiRotor here.

Anyone Watching the Upcoming Basketball Tournament?

We don’t know how many people that come to our site are basketball fans and I hope if you aren’t you don’t mind us talking about it for just a brief minute here.  Here are a few interesting apps we wanted to point out to help you cover the games.

The first is the official NCAA March Madness Live app which will allow you to watch games live.

The second app, Simple Bracket, is a new way of entering and keeping up to date with your bracket by the fine folks at Studio Neat, makers of the Glif.

And the third is the ESPN Bracket Bound App that also lets you keep up with your bracket and scores.

Hope this wasn’t too intrusive on your time.  Good luck with your brackets this year!