Farm Pick-Up

Our office is located at 15204 Bohemian Hall Rd., Crosby, TX 77532.  We have grass available for pick up at the farm Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 5 PM.  We can service 18 wheelers that pick up 20 pallets of sod or if you are a homeowner that just needs a pallet.



Experienced drivers will place sod where you need it.

Our normal delivery area is in a 100 mile radius of Houston, TX.  We can go out of that area on occasion but doing so is not part of our regular day to day operation and it would be a minimum order of 20 pallets.

It’s a good idea to place your order a day or two ahead of time, especially during the Spring and Fall which are the busiest times for us. Sometimes we may be able to deliver the same day you place your order, but ordering in advance will allow us to serve you better.

Price for delivery is based on amount of sod ordered and distance to be delivered.


Sprigging is a vegetative planting of stolons or rhizomes in rows. The sprigs are pressed into the upper inch or two inches of the soil at a width of 4” per row.

Sprigging is ideal for planting large areas where irrigation is readily available. Golf courses and athletic fields are frequently sprigged.

Late spring is the ideal time for planting using this method.