Warm 2017 So Far

We aren’t typically quite this green this early but we’ve had an unseasonably warm Winter so far this year. We’ve really been green for almost the entire year it seems like. That’s not to say ALL of our fields are bright green but they’re getting there. Different fields are always a little bit different depending on the dirt, the rain, and the surrounding area (if it’s surrounded by woods or something). All those can make a difference in how the grass weathers the seasons.

Here are a couple of photos from one of our fields a couple of weeks ago on March 6th.

Y’all take care out there and keep us in mind for all your sod needs!

A little bit of Spring and a whole lot of green!

Now that Spring is here and the cold weather is mostly gone, we were able to capture some shots of the green that has come in! All of the rain, irrigation, and fertilizer has made for some beautiful fields around Crosby and we’re glad to see it! We’re gearing up for the busiest time of the year and the grass is here to help us do it!


2016-04-07 Irrigating the Farm 03   2016-04-07 Irrigating the Farm 022016-04-07 Irrigating the Farm 04   2016-04-07 Irrigating the Farm 05  2016-04-07 Irrigating the Farm 01

Color Comparison – Celebration Bermuda versus Empire

Color Comparison – Celebration Bermuda versus Empire

We wanted to give an example of the color difference between Celebration Bermuda and Empire and it just so happens that we have both of these grasses next to each other in our office yard and our neighbors yard.  We aren’t saying one is better than the other and there are different reasons for using one or the other but we just wanted to show the BIG difference in color.

The grass in the foreground in the picture below is Empire and Celebration is in the background.

Cel Color v Empire Color 1200x800
Celebration vs Empire Color

Keep in mind that the Celebration in this picture is mowed probably every 3 days with a reel mower.  Homeowners typically have rotary mowers and probably won’t want to mow that often either.  Celebration doesn’t have to be mowed with a reel mower and doesn’t have to be mowed every 3 days but this particular yard is maintained that way so just wanted you to be aware of that.

They are both excellent grasses that we highly recommend.