A little bit of Spring and a whole lot of green!

Now that Spring is here and the cold weather is mostly gone, we were able to capture some shots of the green that has come in! All of the rain, irrigation, and fertilizer has made for some beautiful fields around Crosby and we’re glad to see it! We’re gearing up for the busiest time of the year and the grass is here to help us do it!


2016-04-07 Irrigating the Farm 03   2016-04-07 Irrigating the Farm 022016-04-07 Irrigating the Farm 04   2016-04-07 Irrigating the Farm 05  2016-04-07 Irrigating the Farm 01

Spring Maintenance

Here at Murff Turf we sell several varieties of grasses that were developed by Sod Solutions, Inc.  The last few years they’ve been putting together some excellent videos about lawn maintenance and getting your lawn ready for the Spring and Fall seasons.

They have they’re Spring 2013 videos up so I’m posting a link to their maintenance page here.  Once at the page just select the video that pertains to the type of sod you have to get some tips on getting your lawn ready for Spring.  Or you can watch all of them if you’re so disposed!  They have videos for Empire Turf and Geo (zoysia grasses), Celebration Bermuda, and Palmetto St. Augustine.

Thanks for checking out our site today!  Y’all try to stay warm over the next few days!  Supposed to have lows in the 30s for the next 2 or 3 days looks like.