Water Conservation

Water and its conservation is becoming a really hot topic in Texas and around the nation over the last few years. We fill up our ponds with rain water as much as we can but still have to supplement with water wells. The wells are monitored by the Harris Galveston Subsidence District so they know how much water we pump and that we don’t pump more than we’re permitted to take. There is some good info on their website about water conservation as well as links to get a permit to drill a water well and other permits related to water use.

Texas A&M has a some really good information about water conservation on their website as well. There’s a section for Homeowners, Agriculture, Wildlife & Fisheries, and a couple of others. Under the Homeowners section they talk about Saving Water, Sprinklers & Irrigation, Landscaping, Plants & Trees, and a few other topics as well.

They have a good section about how much water your yard (an established yard, not a new installation) should need as well as a link to a site that will tell you exactly how long to turn on your sprinklers. That site is WaterMyYard.org but it does require some information about your sprinkler system or how you irrigate your yard to give you the best results. It won’t work for everyone because their information is based on rainfall, temperature, humidity and other factors that they track from their weather stations so it will only really work if they have a weather station near you. But it’s worth checking out and seeing if they do have a weather station near where you live and for help understanding how to measure your sprinklers and what evapotranspiration means. Everyone wants to know that right!?

So here’s the link to the Texas A&M AgriLife Water Education Network if you want to check it out!


Back At It

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day holiday!

We got a nice rain Sunday night which cooled and refreshed the grass! That kept us from harvesting on Monday but we’re back at it today!

This pic is from last week sometime but the point is we’re harvesting again today trying to catch up from the backlog.

Thanks for your patience!

Photo by Lindy

How Much Soil Does A Turfgrass Farm Deplete?

This is a question we get asked all the time and we usually tell people, “Not as much as you’d think.”

We mow and mow and mow about 9 months out of the year and all those grass clippings decompose and go back into the soil. Plus all the fertilizer and sometimes lime that we put on the fields help retain the soil.

Here’s an article from the Turgrass Producers International organization that goes into some detail about how much is lost or gained and some of the studies that have been done on soil depletion. It’s only three pages long and not too technical so check it out if you’ve ever wondered about this topic.

How Much Soil Does a Turfgrass Farm Deplete?

Warm 2017 So Far

We aren’t typically quite this green this early but we’ve had an unseasonably warm Winter so far this year. We’ve really been green for almost the entire year it seems like. That’s not to say ALL of our fields are bright green but they’re getting there. Different fields are always a little bit different depending on the dirt, the rain, and the surrounding area (if it’s surrounded by woods or something). All those can make a difference in how the grass weathers the seasons.

Here are a couple of photos from one of our fields a couple of weeks ago on March 6th.

Y’all take care out there and keep us in mind for all your sod needs!