This is the time of year that we really start to see a lot of the Brown Patch fungus in St. Augustine in Southeast Texas.  It doesn’t normally kill your grass but it can make for an ugly yard!

Brown Patch Nov 05, 2 17 52 PM

Brown Patch, also known as Rhizoctonia blight, starts as small circular brown areas in your yard around 10″ in diameter and can grow up to 10 feet.  I did a search today for information about Brown Patch and how to treat it and came across a good article on The Livingston Parish News website out of Livingston, LA and I thought I’d just link to this excellent article instead of trying to recreate the information here.

Brown Patch Nov 05, 2 18 10 PM

We do talk about it on our own website in our FAQs if you want to talk a look at that also.

Once we get a good hard freeze that normally stops Brown Patch from spreading but it can do a lot of damage before that happens.  Check out the link above for some good info on dealing with Brown Patch and thanks for stopping by our site today!