Color Check

Color Check

Just an update on the color of the grass.  It’s improving but still not where we would like it to be.  Monday night the temp was 46º and last night it was 51º which is not conducive to greening up.  The grass really needs temperatures consistently above 60º at night to continue to gain color and sustain growth.  But we’re getting there.

You can see in the bottom two pictures that even though that grass is pretty green, it’s still too thin to harvest.  We have a lot of that right now; grass not quite ready to harvest.  And if you walk out in the field there’s still a lot of brown from the winter kill we had so the grass isn’t even quite as green as it looks in these pictures.

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Murff Turf and Chickens?

Well, our Billion Dollar Bracket for college basketball is busted so to cheer everyone up here, Penny took some photos of the free range chickens we will be selling soon!  Get ready for some tasty fryers!

I’m just kidding!  This is our new fertilizer scheme!  Okay, kidding again.  But Penny did take some pics of the chickens she feeds every morning here and I thought they were quite good so I wanted to share them.  If you come to pick up a pallet of grass, ask Penny if you can take one of the chickens home with you as a bonus.  Ha!


Getting Greener But Not 100% Yet

Getting Greener But Not 100% Yet

A few pictures to show the color of the grass in our field right now. The grass is greening up but we’re definitely not all the way there yet so don’t be surprised to have some brown in your grass over the next few weeks.

Our fields take a little longer to green up than most peoples yards because our fields have no protection from the frosts we’ve had and the cold nights.  But we’re getting there so just be patient with us please!

2014 Eastgate Harvesting 0012014 Eastgate Harvesting 0052014 Eastgate Harvesting 0042014 Eastgate Harvesting 002


New Sod at the Rose Bowl for the BCS Championship Game


This is not our grass job but it’s interesting to read about.  I’m going to link to several articles that talk about the re-sodding of the Rose Bowl field for the National Championship game tonight in Pasadena, CA, between Florida State and Auburn.

Here’s a short article about why they replaced the sod.

Here’s a longer article that goes into more detail about the grass and the installation process.

And one more on the massive effort it took to put in a new field in such a short time.

The field for the actual Rose Bowl was installed in November after the last regular season game there.  Then 2 hours after the Rose Bowl finished on January 1st, they started laying new sod over the old sod which raised the field about 2 inches.  They then also raised the goal posts 2 inches to match.  Apparently the reason they laid new sod over the old was just for time sake.  They didn’t have time to remove the old and install the new and get it painted and ready for the game today so they just went right over it.

The field looks beautiful! They used Tifway 419 over seeded with Rye grass.  Surprised me a little that they were using Tif 419 and not a new bermuda like Celebration.  Anyway, I thought this was interesting and wanted to talk about it.

There are some nice pictures on West Coast Turf’s Facebook page if you care to see those. Maybe I shouldn’t link to another sod farm here but I think we have different customers so it should be okay!  Although it does look like they’ve been in Houston before.  According to this article they helped provide the grass for the NFL when Houston had the BIG game in 2004!