Summer Maintenance

Summer months can be tough on your grass; especially here in Southeast Texas. Several of the varieties we grow are licensed from a company called Sod Solutions and they have some good maintenance tips on their website as well as some videos about how to maintain the different varieties of grasses. These tips and videos are designed specifically for their proprietary grasses but they work well in general for each major type of grass like St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia. Listed below are some of their quick tips but click on the link to check out the full article and the videos for each type of grass. From the Sod Solutions article: Some things to keep in mind are: - Sandy soils usually require more water to keep the turf healthy because sand drains faster than clay or heavier soils. - As a general rule, the further South you are, the longer your growing season, which means that your lawn may require increased fertilization. - Grass...
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